Run game and nothing happens for Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa – Run game and nothing happens

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When you want to play video game Assetto Corsa, nothing happening ? i mean game won`t want to start ? run game executable and nothing happens ? Then you need to have installed steam (in right corner is install button)

Why ? because some video games need to be activated via steam or origin and if you have windows fresh installed, game cannot start without steam for example.

If video game not starting after install steam and origin, then re-install video game Assetto Corsa !

Be sure that your antivirus is not blocking your video game !

Alternative Method.

Be sure that you have installed : DirectX , VcRedist and .NET Framework ! those are required to play game Assetto Corsa and can be downloaded from here.

Also by installing all prerequisites, you can fix : black screen for Assetto Corsa, fix blank screen

Good Luck !



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